Obedience and Training

Dog Training

Heritage Animal Hospital’s obedience and training helps clients gain the knowledge to build a close, loyal relationship with their dogs.

We also provide puppy socialization/beginning obedience course designed to teach you how to manage/handle your puppy for a strong relationship. These Puppy Courses consist of weekly sessions covering the basics of proper puppy management/handling including potty training, socialization, leash skills, and basic behaviors. This series helps establish integral elements of your dog’s character as he or she matures and helps build a strong bond between owner and dog.

Space is limited in our Puppy Courses to allow for more individual attention for your pet. Puppies need to be up to date on vaccinations and free of internal and external parasites. There will be a lot a puppy play-time allowed, so we want every pet protected!

Please contact us to get involved in our next Puppy Class! 720-870-8387